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11:40 AM on 21 Sep 2011

Thoughts on the recent Facebook changes

The good:

  • Better separation between comments - I love the 1px border and the 4px padding on the bottom of each comment. (screenshot)
  • Subtle drop-shadow on the top bar - So sexy (screenshot)
  • More detail about a ticker story on hover - Especially photo-related stories (screenshot)
  • [Update 2:20PM PST] Send Birthday wall posts from the homepage - So convenient (screenshot) [Update 2:32PM PST] On the other hand, the user experience of sending a Birthday wall post from the homepage modal is not good. After you send a Birthday wall post to one friend on the list, the modal disappears and you have to re-click the link to get it back. You should be able to send multiple Birthday wall posts without the modal disappearing. [Update 2:57PM PST] It would be cool if I could RSVP for events from the homepage as well. Right now, I can’t perform any useful actions from the homepage events modal. (screenshot)
  • The bad:

  • Inconsistent top bar behavior - On the homepage and profile pages, the top bar is omnipresent/persistent (stays visible as you scroll down), but disappears when you scroll down on a canvas page. (example)
  • Ticker when the chat sidebar is hidden - Feels cluttered (screenshot)
  • The meh:

  • Home button on the top bar unnecessary - I always click the Facebook logo to go to the homepage, so the home button seems redundant. Also, I think the top bar would look cleaner without it.
  • Chat sidebar goes to the top of the page - I think it would look cleaner if the chat sidebar appeared underneath the top bar instead of over it. (screenshot)
  • Those are my (and my friend Felix's) initial thoughts on the recent Facebook changes. Let me know if you agree or disagree!

    I will probably post some additions and/or updates later tonight or tomorrow.

    12:05 PM on 28 Jan 2011 via TechCrunch

    Rapper T-Pain Gets A ‘Facebook Like’ Tattoo

    Rapper T-Pain Gets A ‘Facebook Like’ Tattoo
    3:54 PM on 21 Jan 2011 via Mashable

    Mashable’s 5 Masterminds Redefining Social Media Marketing

    I am so proud of my sister Randi for making Mashable’s “5 Masterminds Redefining Social Media Marketing" list! Here’s one of her quick tips for businesses with Facebook Pages:

    My #1 tip to businesses who want to grow their Facebook Presence requires no additional work — it’s simply to include a photo with every post. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and if you have a global brand, a photo needs no translation.
    On a semi-related note, Randi was in OK! Magazine pictured with Katy Perry. What a rock star!
    1:46 PM on 7 Jan 2011

    My sister Randi is covering CES all day on Facebook Live! My favorite part so far is Kodak’s 3D printer demo.

    Watch live streaming video from facebookguests at
    8:31 PM on 3 Nov 2010 via

    The New “Facebook Deals” Feature is Awesome

    Here’s a list of some of the perks you will soon be able to enjoy when you check-in using Facebook Places:

    Read the official Facebook Blog post and see the bigger list of deals here.